Ex-Obama Adviser Says Her Former Boss Would Be Impeached in a ‘Nanosecond’ if He Behaved like Trump


Former senior advisor to President Obama Valerie Jarrett said on Thursday that there is no question in her mind that President Obama would have been impeached immediately if he had acted the way current President Trump does in office.

obama would have been impeached feat

When asked how long it would have taken President Obama to be impeached had he done “half of the things” the current president has done in office, she quickly responded:

“About a nanosecond. I think that the standards have slipped dramatically, and there’s no earthly way President Obama could have gotten away with any of this.”

She continued, “I don’t think any of that would have been acceptable to the Republicans had it come from President Obama.”

A Change in the Republican Party

Jarrett credits this shift in what she says are the Republican party’s changing morals and priorities. Jarrett went on to elaborate, “Right now, in my opinion, the Republicans are kind of, they’ve lost their soul and their grounding. I don’t even recognize this Republican party anymore.

They’re willing to tolerate just about anything for the sake of getting reelected, means that we have to do something to ensure that they don’t get reelected.”