Trump Dumps His Old Hairstyle for a New Look – You’ve Got to See This

‘The Trump’ is a hairstyle with which we’re all familiar. His trademark bouffant has been part of his look for as long as most can remember.

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It may not be anyone’s favorite style, but it has become iconic – not to mention the subject of many jokes. And while it’s been windblown before, and Jimmy Fallon once totally messed it up, it otherwise doesn’t change. Well, it didn’t change – until now.

A Change of Style

On Sunday, Trump made an unannounced visit to an evangelical church in Virginia. There, he paid his respects to the victims of a mass shooting that left 12 dead on Friday.

It was also there that the president debuted a new hairstyle, different from his typical spun-sugar-esque side-and-back combover.

Instead of his usual look, his hair was much more flat – and many people actually preferred the new ‘do.

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See another shot of his Sunday style below.

Is It Permanent?

To answer the question of permanence, it’s very unlikely that Trump’s slicked back hair was intentional. Though some speculated he might be trying a new look ahead of his state visit to England, we’re not buying it.

Besides – by the time he left the White House on Sunday afternoon, he was already back to his signature style.

In all likelihood, Trump’s temporary change in hairstyle was simply a case of hat hair. The truth is, he’d just come from the golf course. In fact, he was even was still wearing golf shoes and a polo shirt.

Considering his apparent discomfort in removing his baseball cap, he probably wasn’t too keen to be seen like that either.

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