12-Year-Old Boy Dies, Starved with Dog Collar on His Neck – His Mother Never Knew He Left the State

Officials in Indiana have charged a couple with neglect and murder after the two allegedly restrained and starved a 12-year-old.

Monroe County Sheriff’s Department

Eduardo Posso was declared dead at an Indiana hospital in late May after suffering prolonged abuse, starvation, and neglect. According to the coroner, he was found to be “severely emaciated,” weighing around 50 pounds.

His mother had been under the impression that her son was living and attending school in Florida. She claimed to have no knowledge that he’d ever left the state.

Father and Stepmother Accused of Murder

Transient circus promoters, father Luis Posso (32) and stepmother Dayana Medina-Flores (25) were arrested for Eduardo’s death. Charges filed against them included murder, negligence, criminal confinement, and battery against a minor.

Authorities said that Eduardo had been kept confined in an Indiana motel and forced to wear an electric shock collar.

In the motel room, investigators uncovered various types of restraints and web-based security camera. An app on one of the parents’ phones pulled up video that showed the boy chained in the bathtub.

Mother Left Clueless

Eduardo’s biological mother Aurea Garcia had no idea that Eduardo had ever been taken out of the state of Florida.

When police arrived at her house, she was not prepared to hear of her son’s death.

“I thought my son finally spoke out and someone will know and they will help him,” Garcia told CNN.

She thought the authorities were going to help her retrieve her son from their father, who she said was abusive. Unfortunately, they came bearing unfortunate news.

“When he told me that I just went crazy. I started screaming. My husband was holding me down,” Garcia said of her reaction to hearing that her son had died.