Giant Farting ‘Trump Baby’ Blimp Appears to Greet Him in London, Says ‘I’m a Stable Genius’ and More

If anyone thought President Trump’s state visit to England would elicit a subtle response from the British, they thought wrong.


Trump’s three-day visit has been rife with protests of all sorts. From mowing a giant penis into a field for him to see on arrival, to projecting messages on local landmarks – there’s been no shortage of mockery.

Add to that: a 16-foot tall, farting Trump robot showing up for day two of his visit.

Farting Baby Trump

Appearing in Trafalgar Square on Tuesday was a talking, Trump robot sitting on a golden toilet.

The statue plays audio clips of Trump himself, saying things like: “No collusion,” and “You are fake news.” It also says, “I’m a very stable genius,” and, of course, it makes fart noises.

How It Came to Be

The robot, which was made in China, was brought to the UK from Philadelphia by a man named Don Lessem.

“The fart we couldn’t get from him, so we had to use a generic fart,” he told The Daily Mail.

Explaining his reasoning for the baby Trump robot, Lessem said, “Well he’s a disgrace. I want people to realise that this doesn’t represent America. Humour is my weapon. He’s a would-be dictator.”

Lessem added that Trump seems to love ceremonious pomp “because he’s an egomaniac.”