Guests Get Electrocuted at Orlando Waterpark, Forcing Shutdown

    Volcano Bay in Universal Studios saw an early shutdown on Sunday after reports of guests and staff being ‘zapped’ by a live electrical current on walkways.

    orlando ride electrocutes guests feat

    The Orlando Fire Department responded to calls of “an incident” at the park on Sunday, and guests who were there state that they were “getting shocked” while walking through Volcano Bay, the newest water park attraction at Universal.

    Technical Issues is the Official Word

    “Yesterday we had some technical issues at Volcano Bay. As a result, we closed the park early while we worked to resolve this issue.” An official Universal Studios spokesperson stated on Monday. They continued with,

    “Out of an abundance of caution, a small number of our team members were transported to the hospital and all were released and fine last night. We are back to regular park operations today.”

    One poster on Facebook stated that she and her sisters were at the park on Sunday and an ambulance had to be called for them, after her sister sustained burns on her foot. A lifeguard for Orlando that chose to not give her name told local news outlets that she, and other staff, have reported “…[our] legs are going numb, we can feel things radiating through our bodies.”

    Volcano Bay reopened without incident on Monday.