Trump Snubbed by Prince Harry After Calling the Duchess of Sussex ‘Nasty’

Several outlets have implied that Prince Harry has actively avoided President Donald Trump during royal events.

Prince Harry was noticeably absent from Trump’s state banquet on Monday evening, and he also appeared less than eager to be photographed with the President during an earlier event.

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Trump Calls the Duchess “Nasty”

Harry’s every move has been scrutinized this week, ever since news emerged that Trump called Harry’s wife, Meghan Duchess of Sussex, “nasty.”

Back in 2016, Harry’s American-born wife was quoted as saying that she would leave the country if Trump was elected president. She also described him as a “misogynist” and “divisive.”

During an interview with British tabloid, The Sun, Trump revealed his shock to learn that the Duchess had criticized him in the past, and said he “didn’t realize she was nasty.” Trump later denied that he used that word, even though it was recorded.

Prince Harry was a Last Minute Addition

It is worth noting that Prince Harry had been a last minute addition to the proceedings. Him and his wife were initially not supposed to take part. They do not normally get involved in State visits, due to their position in the royal chain of command. Harry is seventh in line to the throne, and has only ever attended one State banquet in the past.

It is also likely that Harry was not originally supposed to be involved because of the very recent birth of their son, Archie, who was just born a month ago. Meghan is still on maternity leave.