Doctor Saves Herself from Rape By Biting Off Attacker’s Tongue – Graphic Photo

    A female doctor asleep in staff quarters this week fought off attempted rape by brutally biting the man’s tongue when he attempted to kiss her.

    She Awakened to the Assault

    The 24-year-old female doctor in South Africa reported the incident Monday after awakening to the assault. To defend herself, she bit down hard on her attacker’s tongue, resulting in a significant amount of blood and part of his tongue being removed. He fled the scene, but police asked local hospitals to be on the lookout for ‘mouth injuries’ and the accused was soon detained.

    The damage to man’s tongue was so severe that he required plastic surgery after the doctor identified him as her attacker, and he will face charges for the assault in court as soon as he is well enough to leave the hospital.

    Dailymail UK

    40,000 Rapes a Year

    Between 2017 and 2018 there were a reported 40,000 cases of women being raped. However, officials suggest this is only about a quarter of the actual number, with as many as 120,000 rapes not being reported every year.