Pelosi Admits She Wants to See ‘Trump in Prison’, Not Impeached

Reports from a closed-door meeting Tuesday on the Mueller report are saying that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi stated inside that her end goal wasn’t seeing President Trump impeached, but seeing him “in prison”.

pelosi wants trump in jail feat

A spokesperson for Pelosi stated that the meeting was “productive” and on the “state of play” with the Mueller report, with Democrats involved ready to move forward next week to address the presidents “corruption and abuses of power”.

Pelosi is no Fan of the President

It is no secret that Pelosi is not a fan of the current President, having said in the past that his actions “are villainous to the Constitution of the United States”.

The House Speaker has come under pressure from Democrats who believe impeachment processes should be started, but she has stated in the past that she would like more bipartisan support on the topic before moving forward.

Reportedly, she stated Tuesday that she would like to see President Trump voted out of office in 2020 so that criminal charges for his actions could start.