Woman Dies After Sharing Pregnancy Photos on FB As She was Giving Birth

    Over 800 women are estimated to die every day while pregnant or giving birth worldwide according to the World Health Organization, but not so many have such a story as the woman only known as Elizabeth.

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    Facebook | Elizabeth

    Elizabeth was photographed while in labor, appearing to be sitting in a waiting room and smiling at the camera. She asked the pictures taken of her to not be deleted, as she wanted to upload them to her Facebook after delivery.

    Tragically, Elizabeth never made it out of the hospital. She died while giving birth to a baby girl, who is reported to have made it through the delivery successfully.

    The Pictures Were Still Uploaded

    While we do not have more information about Elizabeth, what she died from, or the status of her daughter, someone close to her shared the pictures on their Facebook page, including Elizabeth’s last request that they were uploaded.

    The poster says it has been over eight days since Elizabeth passed away in delivery, and that her daughter is awake and can see her clearly.