Bizarre ‘Dobby-like’ Creature Videotaped Walking on Woman’s Driveway

    If you wanted to have nightmares tonight about the Harry Potter house elf, watch the video below.

    woman films dobby creature on driveway feat
    Facebook | Vivian Gomez

    A security camera pointing towards a woman’s driveway shows what appears to be a short figure with skinny legs and big ears walking past a car down a driveway, doing a little dance towards the end.

    Spread on Social Media like Wildfire

    Vivian Gomez uploaded the video to Facebook on Sunday, saying that she saw the clip after waking up and was thoroughly confused. The figure appears to be walking away from her front door, but neither of her other security cameras caught the unknown creature.

    The internet has picked up on the video she shared and spread it like wildfire, with very mixed feelings. Many people are rejoicing that Dobby the house elf has returned after his untimely death in the sixth movie, while others are deeply disturbed by the way the creature moves on the film.

    Some Twitter users think it is just an elf-like puppet, shot with camera tricks and using darkness to hide the puppet master. No matter what the creature caught on camera is, we can all agree it is more than a little bizarre.