Cat Gets 4 Brand New Titanium Paws in World First Surgery

    A cat in Tomsk, Siberia that lost all four paws has been given a set of titanium paws!

    world first cat with titanium paws feat

    The cat, Ryzhik, had been abandoned in Siberia and found himself in -40C temperatures. Ryzhik suffered frostbite and had to have all four paws amputated due to gangrene.

    The First Cat to Receive This Procedure

    While most cats who suffer severe injuries like these would be put to sleep, Ryzhik’s new owners were determined to help him. They took him to a clinic in Novosibirsk, where they used sophisticated computer tomography and 3D modeling to create his new bionic paws. It’s believed to be the first procedure of its kind for a cat.

    The clinic where Ryzhik received his new paws is already pioneering methods to help animals in distress, including artificial limbs for birds, and they are also working on rebuilding beaks for parrots and cow hooves.

    As for Ryzhik, he’s still a little unsteady on his new titanium paws, but the limbs have fully connected with skin and bone, and the cat is happy and not trying to remove them.

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