Doctors Find Boy’s Missing Tooth… Growing Out of His Testicle

    It isn’t all that unusual for children or adults to have a tooth that won’t grow. Sometimes you will lose a baby tooth and nothing comes after it.

    One Russian schoolboy, however, found his ‘missing’ molar tooth… but certainly not where you would expect it.

    boys missing tooth found in testicle feat

    Doctors Shocked

    Medics suspected the teenager, whose identity is hidden for his protection, had a tumor after they first inspected the boy’s testicles. Scans, however, revealed something hard and firm. Doctors then went on to assume it must somehow be ‘renal gravel’, or the material that kidney stones are made of.

    When they performed the surgery to remove it, however, they discovered instead that it was the boys ‘missing’ second molar. This rare condition called a teratoid tumor happens when stem cells go haywire, making the wrong things in the wrong places.

    A senior children’s urologist at the Morozov Children’s Hospital in Moscow performed the surgery, which is reported to be a success. Despite the boy’s tooth being located in his testicles, doctors believe he will make a full recovery and have no reproductive issues later in life.