Baby Dies After Being Cut from Mother’s Womb in Brutal Attack

    A Chicago teenager was found dead in a trash can in the back of Clarisa Figueroa’s, 46, home. She had been strangled in April, and her unborn child cut from her womb. That baby has died today.

    Cecilia Garcia baby dies after being cut from womb feat
    Cecilia Garcia

    Marlen Ochoa-Lopez, only 19, was lured into a stranger’s house with the promise of free baby clothes for her unborn son.

    Ochoa-Lopez was 9 months pregnant at the time of her death, and her child – fully formed – was removed from her in a brutal attack.

    The Family Left Behind

    In a photo released last month, the baby’s father and Ochoa-Lopez’s husband, Yovany Lopez, is seen holding young Yovanny Jadiel Lopez. The child is hooked up to numerous tubes and wires, and his eyes are shut as if sleeping in his father’s arms.

    Baby Yovanny spent the last several weeks in intensive care in a Chicago hospital, suffering from severe brain trauma associated with the attack on his mother. This brain trauma is what eventually took his life. His father stated that the child couldn’t eat, or breathe, on his own and only “a miracle” would save him.