NASA Finds Star Trek Logo on Mars, See it to Believe It!

NASA revealed this week that an image taken in late April has shown what appears to be the Star Trek logo stamped into the dusty surface.

Image Found Within an Impact Crater

Taken by NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter which has been capturing the planet’s surface since 2006 and utilizes the most advanced camera to ever be sent to another planet, the picture was found within an impact crater on the southern hemisphere.

nasa star trek logo on mars feat

Star Trek Fans Elated

William Shatner, of original Star Trek fame, took to twitter gloat that Star Trek had beaten the rival franchise Star Wars, making it the first to hit Mars. Unfortunately, scientists warn us that this is all a big coincidence and that it is unlikely the Enterprise or another Starfleet ship ever landed on Mars at any point.

This specific ‘island’ on the surface of Mars comes from years of wind erosion that created a crescent-shaped sand dune. Lava spilled over the dune but didn’t fill the entirety of it, causing the famous logo we see here.

We will have to keep waiting for real evidence of Starfleet.