Trump Tweets That He Met the “Prince of Whales”, Internet Loses It

In a since-deleted tweet, President Trump shared with his followers that he met and talked to “foreign governments” every day, including having a meeting with “the Prince of Whales”.

trump prince of whales feat

The internet has understandably latched onto this misspelling and is using it for all it’s worth. Trump is also well known for his use of inappropriate quotations, like in this instance.  Is he implying they are not foreign, or not governments?

Political Structure of the Ocean

The biggest question that the President’s tweet has left us with is this: what exactly is the political structure of the ocean? This is something Common Core left out in our high school Foreign Government class.

Does each species of whale have their own political systems, with princes and kings, or is this a one-whale-to-rule-them-all situation that the ocean has? What is the reach of the prince’s power? Does he lord over other ocean life as well?

Twitter is ablaze with puns to cash in on the President’s mistype, including saying his meeting with the Prince was “just a fluke”, and asking if Trump included his misspelling “on porpoise”.