American Icon Gloria Vanderbilt Dies at Age 95

    Gloria Vanderbilt, 95, has passed away today. Born February 20th, 1924, she is best known as a household name for her product lines that include clothing, perfumes, shoes, and jewelry.

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    Her youth was plastered all over the media when, at the age of 10, she was in the middle of a famous custody battle between her parents. During her life, she had four marriages, four children, and experienced the tragic suicide of one of her sons.

    A Famous Life Remembered

    “The Vanderbilt Family” is a famous name in New York, and around the world, for being high profile with a lot of influence. In the 1950s she published a book of poems, called “Love Poems”, and in the late 1960s, she used her artwork as the base for textile and fashion designs. She ultimately won the Neiman Marcus Fashion Award for her work, being credited as a pioneer in designer jeans, amongst other things.

    In July of 1988, she was inside the apartment when her son Carter Cooper jumped from their 14th-floor penthouse in New York and had said it was the worst thing to ever happen to her.

    Her son, Anderson Cooper, has stated in the past that he will not see any of her inheritance, estimated to be over $200 million. He has not released a statement about his mothers passing at this time.