Trump Says His Supporters Could ‘Demand’ He Stay Longer Than Two Terms

President Trump suggested in a series of tweets on Sunday that the American people might ‘demand’ that he stays in the White House more than two terms.

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The 22nd Amendment of the Constitution prohibits any person from being elected as President more than twice, with the tradition going as far back as George Washington. It was entered into the constitution in 1951.


Not The First Time…

This isn’t the first time President Trump has hinted at being interested in maintaining his position over a longer period of time. In March of last year at a closed-door fundraiser, President Trump reportedly suggested that he would want to “give that a shot someday” when talking about how Chinese President Xi Jinping has done away with term limits.

While President Trump may have been joking then (it is unclear), his suggestion that the American people would “demand” he stay longer this weekend does not sound like a joke to many. The comments were made in reference to poll numbers not showing in his favor for the 2020 election and included digs at both The New York Times and the Washington Post.