Trump Tweets that ‘MILLIONS of Illegal Aliens” Will Be Removed Starting Next Week

President Donald Trump took to Twitter late Monday evening to write that Immigration and Customs Enforcement would start “removing the millions of illegal aliens” from the U.S. next week.

trump tweets millions illegal aliens be removed next week feat

It has been less than two weeks since signing an agreement with Mexico, to avoid another trade war. That deal, which includes Mexico agreeing to take stronger measures to help reduce illegal immigration coming from Mexico into the U.S.

Administration is Expanding Policy of Deporting Asylum Seekers to Mexico

As part of the deal, though, the U.S. didn’t get Mexico to agree to a “safe third country” where asylum seekers would be granted asylum in Mexico, making them unable to claim asylum in the U.S. Instead, the administration is expanding its policy of deporting asylum seekers to Mexico, where Mexico will accept them, offering them healthcare and education.

Trump Says Guatemala is Close to Signing Safe-Third Agreement

On Twitter, Trump also added that Guatemala is close to signing that “Safe-Third Agreement” that Mexico wouldn’t sign. It would mean that those fleeing Honduras and El Salvador would have to seek asylum in Guatemala before the U.S.

The State Department reported that it would freeze $185 million in aid to Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador until the department is satisfied that they are taking actions to reduce the number of migrants.