Man Lives on Rotten, Raw Meat for 10 Years, Feeds His 4 Kids Same Diet

While you may have heard of the raw food diet, this Kentucky man is taking it to the extreme: for the last ten years, he has reportedly only consumed raw meat and feeds his four children the same.

man eats raw meat decade feat

Derek Nance, 35, from Lexington Kentucky will eat every part of an animal except the hooves and horns.

He travels to local, organic farms to choose his own animals to slaughter, and will make smoothies from sheep’s stomach as an on-the-go snack, and likes to vary his diet by consuming brains, hearts, and livers.

Rotten Is Okay for Derek!

Nance doesn’t mind if the meat is a little past what some would consider good, even after cooking. “High meat”, or rotting, fermented meats, are on the table for him to consume. He says that eating meat that way is a part of nature, and animals have been doing it for years.

Derek’s partner Joann Prosser, 60, was a vegetarian for 20 years before they met, but she still refuses to eat rotting meats, saying she can’t get past the smell.

His diet also includes maggots, which he says help his body digest the raw food better, and swears the only time he was sick from what he ate was after consuming part of a week-old raw chicken.