Trump Officially Launches His “Keep America Great” Re-Election Bid

In a move that everyone saw coming, Trump announced to a packed house in Orlando, Florida Tuesday night that he has officially launched in 2020 re-election bid, staying with his trusty “Make America Great Again” logo and signature red color.

keep america great feat
Fox News

Some Trump supporters had camped out for several days to get close to him during this rally and traveled from upwards of 40 hours away to witness this announcement.

His speech and talking points very much reflected his past campaign, where he spoke about Hillary Clinton, fake news, and empowering the American people.

The Focus Was On The Good

The rally, held in the sweltering heat, mostly focused on what President Trump considers his biggest policy successes, including where the economy is and how the future of America has never looked “brighter or sharper”. He continued to say that the American dream “is back”, and bigger than ever.

Trump also spent a good amount of time lashing out at those he felt were against him. He called Bernie Sanders “crazy”, took shots at CNN and other “fake news” organizations, and condemned the Democrats for the “hoax” that was the Mueller report. He also called his campaign in 2016 the greatest campaign and election in the history of the US.

President Trump also went on to promise his supporters that Democrats would not be allowed to erase their votes and that he would continue to do “big things”.