David Gilmour of Pink Floyd fame recently sold a total of 126 items at auction for a staggering $21 million, the most comprehensive sale of guitars ever offered. His reasoning is less money-grabbing and more environment-saving.

  • 126 items sold for $21 million
  • All proceeds go to environmental law organization ClientEarth
  • Climate change the biggest challenge humanity will face, Gilmour tweets

All Proceeds Donated to ClientEarth

Gilmour donated all proceeds from the major auction event to ClientEarth, a charity founded in 2008 that is an environmental law organization.

They have offices all over the world to help reverse climate change, reduce air pollution, cut down the coal and oil industry, and more.

What Was in the Auction?

The most famous item up for auction was arguably the ‘black strat’, which sold for $4 million despite the pre-sale estimate only being about $150,000. This guitar was purchased by Gilmour himself in 2070 and was the guitar he used to record “Dark Side of the Moon”, Pink Floyds biggest album.

Gilmore specifically chose ClientEarth after careful consideration because he feels that the climate crisis going on now is the biggest challenge humanity will ever face, according to a tweet. He wishes for change to happen now before it is too late.