Trump Orders Attack on Iran, Changes His Mind at the Last Second

As tensions continue to escalate between the U.S. and Iran, President Donald Trump approved military strikes on Iranian targets – but called the attack off on Thursday night.

Attacks Were Abruptly Called Off

Military planes were in the air and ships were in place when the attacks were abruptly called off.

They were getting ready to attack a limited set of Iranian radars and missile batteries, attacks approved in retaliation for Iran shooting down a U.S. surveillance drone that was flying over international waters.

No missiles had been fired before the attack was called off.

The strikes were originally scheduled just before dawn on Friday, to minimize the risk to civilians and the Iranian military.

Unclear Why Trump Called Off the Strike

It was not immediately clear if President Trump called off the attacks because he simply changed his mind, or if the administration has decided to change their plan due to logistics and strategic considerations.

It is also not clear if the strikes could still go forward.