Boy Narrowly Escapes Death as Mother Leaps to Save him from 4th Story Fall

In what might have been a tragic event, a boy is saved when his mother jumps into action within seconds.

Mirror UK Mom saves son falling feat 1a
Mirror UK

The video that was shared on Reddit came from CCTV footage in a reception area in the Laureles Colonial building in Medellin Colombia, according to reports from newspaper El Espectador.

Toddler Loses His Balance and Tumbles Over Edge

In the video, you can see that the mother appears to be waiting for someone to open a door when the toddler walks over to look over the railings of the staircase. When he crouches down to put his hands on what he thinks is a pane of glass, he realizes that the space is empty and loses his balance.

As the boy falls through the missing railings, the mother leaps into action, throwing herself over the edge to grab her son. She manages to pull him back to safety. While it is unclear if the boy sustained any injuries, he narrowly escaped death thanks to his mother’s quick reflexes!

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