Migrant Children are “Free to Leave at Any Time”, Says GOP Rep

During an interview with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, Congressman Michael Burgess suggested that children detained in border camps can simply walk out the door.

A Republican from Texas, Burgess said he’d personally visited and seen the conditions in several immigration detention centers. He disagreed with the media’s representation of the camps and asserted that detained children have been “well taken care of.”

However, he also suggested that should these kids be unsatisfied with the conditions in which they’re being kept, they can always leave.

Free to Go

Burgess told Hayes, “there is not a lock on the door” at Casa Padre – a restored Walmart in Brownsville, Texas. “Any child is free to leave at any time.”

The lawmaker also suggested that the migrant children simply don’t take that opportunity because of how well they’re being cared for.

Inhumane Conditions

Despite the congressman’s claims, several sources have reported atrocious conditions at various facilities.

Considering the Trump administration has argued against providing these children with basic necessities, it doesn’t seem like a stretch.

In court, the Department of Justice argued that the conditions were “safe and sanitary,” despite evidence to the contrary. They claimed that the minor children do not need soap or toothbrushes to meet the required conditions. Additionally, they asserted that they do not need blankets or beds either.