Mueller to Publicly Testify on July 17, Trump Cries ‘Presidential Harassment!’

Although Mueller had stated he did not want to appear before Congress, he has now agreed after House Democrats issued a subpoena for his testimony.

Former special counsel Robert Mueller is set to testify on July 17th in open session before the House Judiciary and Intelligence Committees and will answer questions publicly for the first time. It is set to be the most-anticipated congressional hearing in years.

Trump Calls Mueller’s Testimony “Presidential Harassment”

After the news of Mueller’s testimony was announced, Trump took to his Twitter Tuesday to respond, crying, “Presidential Harassment!”

Mueller’s 22-Month Investigation

Lawmakers from both parties are eager to question Mueller about his 22-month investigation and his findings, which Trump has repeatedly referred to as a “witch hunt.”

Mueller’s investigation led to criminal charges against three businesses and over thirty individuals, including both Russian intelligence officers and Trump’s former senior aides and advisors. Mueller made a public statement about his findings and said that he and his team did not clear Trump of criminal wrongdoing.

He added that investigators were blocked by a Justice Department policy that prevents presidents from being charged with a federal crime while in office.