Want Your Farts to Smell like Roses or Chocolate? New Pill Says Yes!

Do you know someone that can clear a room with a single fart? Are you the person that can clear the room?! French inventor Christian Poincheval has a product for you – the Fart Pill that will turn any smelly gas your body is excreting into a pleasant fragrance.

Lutin Malin fart pill invented smells nice feat
Lutin Malin

Is This Real?

According to the website! The company, Lutin Malin, notes that they have a significant number of repeat customers, indicating it is working for someone.

The product is an all-natural dietary supplement, so you don’t have to worry about putting chemicals or foreign drugs into your body.

What Can My Farts Smell Like?

Lutin Malin has a variety of scent choices for your pleasure, including Ginger, Christmas Chocolate, and yes, even roses. Apparently, the fart pill has been available since 2007 but has recently caught on and seen a rise in popularity.

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It’s not just for humans, either – since the product is all natural, you can sprinkle it on your pet’s food to improve their gas situation. Any dog owner that says they haven’t been horrified when they pass gas is lying, so this could be a lifesaver for some.

The pill is available through the website for about $22 USD, or if you’re in Europe you can pick it up on Amazon.