New York, Big Ben Targeted for Future Attack by ISIS Supporters

Threats to bomb London and New York have surfaced from an ISIS propaganda outlet, only a week ahead of U.S. Independence Day celebrations.

ISIS has used online magazines in the past to recruit terrorists and to also relay instructions to recruits about launching attacks.

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Dailymail UK

Digitally Manipulated Images Featuring Recognizable Landmarks

A twisted ISIS terror magazine has shared a digitally manipulated image that depicts an explosion at London’s Westminister, in which it looks like Big Ben is on fire. The image also features a jihadi with a rocket launcher and the words “COMING SOON” across the top.

They also released a second manipulated image featuring the Brooklyn Bridge. The image makes it look like Manhattan is under attack, with a U.S. soldier fleeing from the site.

Threats Uncovered by Company That Tracks Terrorists and Extremists

This latest publication was uncovered by Site Intelligence Group, an American company based out of Maryland that tracks the online activity of jihadist organizations and other extremist groups.

They provide governments and other institutions with intelligence and analysis on extremist and terrorist groups worldwide.