Trump Reacts to ‘BORING!’ Dem Debate, Posts Doctored Video on Twitter

President Trump took the time to mock NBC News for technical issues that occurred during the first Democratic primary debate.

During the first of two Democratic debates, Trump made sure everyone on Twitter knew he thought it was “BORING!” but then came back to make fun of NBC News for an awkward transition into the second hour, when they faced technical difficulties and quickly cut to another commercial break.

Technical Glitch at the Democratic Debate

In case you didn’t catch the debate, there was an issue with the sound and the moderators’ microphones that caused problems. When “Meet the Press” moderator Chuck Todd attempted to question the candidates on gun control, they struggled to hear him. They quickly cut to a commercial break to fix the technical situation.

Trump said that NBC News should be ashamed of having a “horrible technical breakdown” during the event, calling them “truly unprofessional.” He also used his favorite “FAKE NEWS Organization” insult.

Trump Posts Doctored “Crazy Train” Video

But the most bizarre reaction from President Trump hit Twitter this morning when he posted a video made by Carpe Donktum, who is apparently Trump’s favorite meme creator on the internet. This strange doctored video shows him “appearing” at the debate to the tune of Ozzy Osborne’s “Crazy Train.”

The second round of Democratic debates will air Thursday evening, featuring ten more candidates including Senator Bernie Sanders, former Vice President Joe Biden, and Senator Kamala Harris.