Nike Convinced to Pull Patriotic Shoes Thanks to Colin Kaepernick


If you were looking forward to Nike’s 4th of July shoes, you’ll have to get a new pair of kicks elsewhere. After Colin Kaepernick complained to the sports giant, Nike has pulled the shoes before their release date.

It’s unknown what they will end up doing with so many pairs of unreleased shoes, but selling them isn’t one.

kaepernick convinces nike to pull patriotic shoes feat

The Betsy Ross Flag

The problem with the patriotic shoes is the flag on the heel, which shows the original rendition of the US flag, often called The Betsy Ross flag. This flag has thirteen stars to represent the colonies at the time.

Kaepernick complained that the flag has been used in the recent past with several white nationalist groups to represent themselves.

In addition, he (And many on the internet!) felt that honoring that flag put rose-colored glasses on when it came to the slavery that was happening during the time.

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Pulled From Stores

Nike recalled all of the shoes from retailers, who had already received the shipment but did not explain why. All evidence of the shoe design has been pulled from Nike’s website as well.

This is the second time in a week that Nike has pulled shoes from stores. In China, a set of limited-edition shoes were pulled over controversy with the designer.