GROSS: Woman Licks Ice Cream and Puts it Back on Shelf, Triggers Manhunt

Twitter | BlindDensetsu

If you want to be grossed out, keep reading; an unknown woman in an unknown store in the US shared a video this week of her licking the top of an open container of ice cream, before putting the lid back on and leaving it in the freezer where she found it.

woman licks icecream manhunt feat 2
Twitter | BlindDensetsu

What Type of Ice Cream?

Looking to avoid this potentially disgusting situation? It was Blue Bell, a Texas-based ice cream company that mostly sells its products in the south. Specifically, the flavor appears to be their “Homemade Vanilla” favor in a half gallon container.

Blue Bell released a statement saying they are working with “law enforcement,  retail partners, and social media platforms” to find the girl and bring an end to the issue.

Basically, Blue Bell is not joking around.

The Internet is Mad

Hundreds of Twitter users have responded to the video, with a range of responses from disgust to anger. One user says he can never buy ice cream again without remembering this incident, and another suggests cutting off her tongue as punishment. A little medieval, perhaps, but the idea gets across.

In case you’re curious, tampering with food is a crime, and can be charged as battery in some states with fines and potential jail time.