Trump Attacks Fox News, ‘Worse Than Watching CNN’

In a strange turn of events, President Donald Trump attacked his favorite news network on Sunday.


Trump expressed much displeasure over Fox News’s weekend anchors among other things in a series of tweets.

He even claimed it was “worse than watching low ratings Fake News CNN.” And, coming from Trump, that’s some pretty extreme criticism.

Attack on the Media

Though Trump has targeted and attacked the news media on multiple occasions, he has typically spared Fox his vitriol. It is, after all, his preferred media outlet.

However, while Fox is known for being a highly conservative, right-leaning network, it seems that’s not always enough for the president.

On Sunday he criticized the network for “loading up with Democrats & even using Fake unsourced @nytimes a ‘source’ of information.”

Earlier in the day, he’d also found fault with The New York Times for their coverage regarding border detention centers.

Issues with Fox News’ Anchors

Trump compared Fox’s weekend lineup to those of other networks, including CNN, NBC, and MSNBC. And not only did Trump criticize Fox’s weekend news anchors, he had several other complaints as well.

He may love Fox and Friends and personalities like Sean Hannity, but not everything the network does seems to please the president.

He’s clearly not a fan of the network hiring of former interim chair for the Democratic National Committee, Donna Brazile. He also doesn’t seem to like Shepard Smith; and, in the past, he’s taken aim at Chris Wallace as well.

Unfavorable Topics

It appears that Trump has been growing more and more discontent with the network as of late. This, of course, comes as the network has dedicated a certain amount of coverage to several Democratic presidential candidates.

However, should a network not cover a president’s opposition, especially in the year leading up to an election?

For Trump, it seems the answer is no, they shouldn’t. In both April and May, he took issue with the network hosting town halls for Democrats.

“@FoxNews is changing fast, but they forgot the people who got them there!” He tweeted Sunday.

Clearly, it seems the network should be solely dedicated to favorable coverage of the president alone.