Kid Streams Fortnite 10 Hours a Day to Pay for His Father’s Cancer Treatments

    A child has taken matters in his owns hands after his father was diagnosed with rectal cancer: he started streaming Fortnite, going for 10+ hours a day in order to help pay for the cancer treatments that could extend his father’s life.

    twitch Zyltv kid streams money to help his father cancer feat

    Over $13,000 Has Been Donated So Far

    zylTV’s channel started off small. It’s hard to gain traction as a small-time streamer on Twitch, especially with a game as popular at Fortnite. But one pro stumbled on the stream and donated $25, before spreading the word.

    Over $13,000 has been donated so far, which exceeded his goal of $5,000. The money is going to go towards travel and treatment costs for his father, who was diagnosed with stage 4 rectal cancer after it spread to his lungs and liver.

    Just How Young IS He?!

    According to Twitch terms of service, streamers have to be 13 years or older to stream. It’s unclear just how old zylTV is, but he appears very young.

    It’s obvious, though, that he loves his father and his family very much, and is doing everything he can to help extend his life. In the stream, he is realistic – doctors have only given his father a 20% chance to live with extended chemo treatment. zylTV is still hopeful.