Man Blinded After Parasite Enters Contact Lenses During Shower

One man has learned the dangers of wearing his contact lenses in the shower, after finding himself blind in one eye.

Nick Humphreys, 29, says that he was never made aware of the dangers of wearing contact lenses in the shower. There was no warning on the packaging, and not even his opticians mentioned the risk.

man blinded by parasite contact lens shower
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Nick First Noticed a Scratch on His Eye

But in January of 2018, Nick noticed a scratch on his right eye. He spent a few days using eye drops and having to turn screen displays down to the lowest brightness, but eventually went to see an optician as his condition didn’t improve. He initially was told he might have an ulcer on his eye, and was sent to the hospital.

Doctors didn’t find an ulcer, though. Nick tested positive for Acanthamoeba keratitis, which is an infection of the cornea caused by a tiny organism called Acanthamoeba. Acanthamoeba is found in water.

By March, Nick Was Blind in One Eye

Nick used eye drops for three weeks, and they seemed to be working. But he was driving to work in March of 2018 when he suddenly went blind in his right eye.

He has already had two operations on his eye, including an amniotic membrane transplant to his cornea. He is now waiting to have a corneal transplant.

Nick has started working with the charity Fight for Sight in an effort to raise awareness of the dangers of wearing contacts while showering or swimming.