Cash Explodes from Armored Truck Causing Interstate Chaos

If you’ve ever had the dream of it raining money, you missed your chance this week. Tuesday evening on I-285 in Atlanta, an armored truck had a technical issue that caused a side door to swing open, dumping cash all along the interstate.


Dozens of Drivers Stopped

Video footage shows dozens of cars all parked along the interstate with people in the middle of the road collecting cash that fell from the truck. Money literally appeared to be raining from the sky due to how passing cars kicked it up. People in full three-piece suits, shorts and t-shirts, and even one woman in a bathing suit jumped out to gather what they could.

The exact amount of cash dropped is still unknown, but the armored car company says it could be upwards of $100,000. When officers responded to the reports, all the motorists who had stopped were gone, but only about $200 was recovered.

Police are Calling it a Crime

Georgia police are asking those who stopped to come forward and return the money. They are considering it a crime, and those who are identified but have not returned the cash could be charged with theft of lost or mislaid property, a misdemeanor.

Police plan to use social media footage and pictures to identify who took the money by their plate numbers.