AOC Accuses Nancy Pelosi of Racism, Says She’s ‘Singling Out Women of Color’

It’s no secret that freshman representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-NY, and Speaker Nancy Pelosi have no lost love between them. But things are heating up this week after AOC accused Pelosi of being ‘downright disrespectful’ to women of color.

AOC’s Actual Comments

This isn’t AOC being taken out of context – her exact words are that Pelosi was “persistent(ly) singling out” women of color, especially freshmen members, and it was more than being simply “outright disrespectful”.

AOC is clearly accusing Pelosi of racism, and not even well veiled racism at that.

Pelosi Has Never Favored AOC

Whether this is racism from Pelosi, or simply dislike, is hard to tell. The speaker has never been good at hiding her distaste of the junior member, and in April Pelosi told an audience that all it would take to win in AOC’s district would be glass of water with a ‘D’ next to it.

She also dismissed AOC’s following within the party itself, suggesting only “like five” people even supported her.