Thousands of Immigrants Targeted in Weekend ICE Raids

President Trump is making good on his promises to deport “millions” of illegal immigrants as word comes out that ICE is set to start more raids on Sunday targeting over 2,000 individuals.

ice raids - ap via politico

ICE is being tight-lipped about the details, stating that they are concerned about the safety of law enforcement officers and personnel.

What Cities are Targeted?

It appears that the original plans are going to be implemented, as up to ten U.S. cities will see ICE’s focus this coming week. On the list are Baltimore, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, and Miami.

What Are Their Rights?

ICE works in a law enforcement grey area, as seen by viral videos being released in the past few weeks that show a refusal to allow entry means game over for agents. ICE agents cannot legally force their way into a home, they must be allowed entrance. Their legal ability is not the same as a judge-signed search warrant.

Many of those working for ICE have already shown a hesitation when going to arrest and deport young children or even babies, which will complicate the matters further.

These raids have been planned for many months and were previously delayed because too many details on the agent’s movements were leaked.