Disabled Goldfish Given His Own ‘Wheelchair’

Typically, when a goldfish starts swimming upside down, most people just assume it’s a goner.  32-year-old Korean fashion designer Henry Kim is not most people.

disabled goldfish gets his own wheelchair feat
Caters News Agency

After finding several of his fish had swim bladder disorder, he decided to step in and help. To do so, he created a small, plastic contraption to help the fish stay upright and afloat. It’s basically a wheelchair (without wheels) for goldfish.

Swim Bladder Disorder

There are numerous issues that can lead to swim bladder disorder. Poor water conditions and overeating are two of the most common causes.

Henry notes that he tends to see it more “in fish imported from China and Thailand.”

Unfortunately, when a fish winds up with swim bladder disorder, Henryclaims they don’t tend to live much longer. Usually, they only make it a “a couple of months,” he says. However, he notes, with his special device, one fish of his “lived to be five months old.”