New ‘CATS’ Musical Trailer is Out and it is… Terrifying

If you’ve been looking forward to the Cat’s trailer that was teased earlier this week and was supposed to drop today, be warned – it is not a good situation.

Unless you want your nightmares to be filled with naked humanoid cats that sing and dance. In that case, do we have some great news for you.

new cats movie is kind of terrifying feat
Universal Pictures

CGI That’s a Little Too Intense

Uncanny Valley is the term where something is just a little too humanoid for comfort. Viewers may be uncomfortable, experience revulsion, or be unable to watch.

Many people associate this with robots, but wacky CGI like the ones we see in the Cat’s trailer will also do the trick.

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These actors are covered head to toe in CGI fur, with expressive cat ears, twitching tail… and their own moving facial features. You can look at Judy Dench’s character and clearly see it is her, but it’s very disturbing.

Big Names Signed on Board

There are some big cast members signed onto this musical trainwreck to try and save it, including Taylor Swift, Jennifer Hudson, Idris Elba, Rebel Wilson, Sir Ian McKellan, and James Corden. Tom Hooper, who directed Les Miserables in 2012, is also directing, and he brought along the choreographer from Hamilton.

It’s absolutely possible that this star-studded cast can pull a miracle out, giving us something that is entertaining and engrossing. But if this trailer is any indication of the final product, I wouldn’t hold your breath.

Cat’s will be in theaters on December 19th of this year.