Chilly New Bra Can Help Bust the Heat

This summer has been a brutal one for the heat. If you’re envious of the ice cube vest, or you’re looking for something a little more discrete to cool you down, Polar Products has your back. Or… your chest, in this case.

sweaty boobs woman

The product is called Bra Coolers, and they are exactly how they sound. Freezable inserts that you stick in your bra to keep yourself cool on those insanely hot summer days.

Don’t laugh – preventing boob sweat is a serious job.

How They Work

The inserts come in a variety of sizes, and when you buy a pack you get a set of two (One for each side) plus cotton covers, so they’re breathable and comfortable against your skin. For smaller ladies, you only need a single set, but for D cup sizes and larger the companies recommend two for each side, providing maximum comfort and coverage.

The inserts freeze at a temperature of 58 degrees Fahrenheit, so you’re not putting ice cubes against your bare skin. They can be ‘activated’ in a freezer, a refrigerator, or even a cooler of ice water if you’re out camping.

The price is a reasonable $37.11, so you can even afford to keep cool. Reviews are the site are mixed, but overall seems to do exactly what it says it will – provide you with a quick cool down for a hot summer day.