Tomi Lahren Shocked Speechless After NFL Player’s ‘Take a Knee’ Statement

Fox News

Conservative reporter Tomi Lahren has been very vocal about her disapproval concerning NFL players kneeling during the national anthem.

During her most recent episode of No Interruption, Lahren had former running back, Arian Foster, join the program to give his opinion on the issue.

Fox News Tomi Lahren left speechless during NFL interview feat
Fox News

Same Facts, Different Perspective

Lahren stated that kneeling for the national anthem sends the message of, “I am not going to respect this flag, this moment, this anthem.” After Foster asks why he should respect the anthem, Lahren responds that “it’s a symbol of patriotism.”

Foster agreed.

“You hit the nail on the head. It’s a symbol,” Foster said. “And that symbol… is not a place. It’s an idea… And you don’t get to dictate what that symbol means to me and you don’t get to dictate what that symbol means to somebody else.”

Kneeling is a Sign of Respect

Foster told Lahren that kneeling is a sign of respect. Just as athletes take a knee when a player is injured, or when someone drops to their knees to pray in church, kneeling is a sign of submission and honor.