Trump Hid Fact that 500,000 Kids Could Lose Free School Lunches

Under a new rule proposed by the Trump Administration, 500,000 children are at risk of losing free school lunches. The biggest concern is that Trump’s proposal never mentioned a thing about it.

Shutterstock / Wikimedia Commons

Trump Hides A Shocking Detail

It wasn’t until a member of Representative Bobby Scott’s staff had a conversation with the USDA that this important detail was revealed. As it works presently, any child whose parents receive food stamps is automatically enrolled in a federal program that provides free lunches. This would change with the new proposal.

Although the new proposal mentioned the changes to the federal program it never said a thing about the effect it would have on children currently enrolled. When pressed for further information, a USDA spokesperson said that the agency “cannot provide additional information during the public comment period.”

Many Children Affected by New Proposal

During a phone call with the USDA, the agency said that 93% of children impacted by the change would be eligible for reduced meals, but they had to enroll separately. The new proposal affects approximately 465,000 children.