Woman Left Looking like ‘Angry Birds’ Character after Botched Eyebrows

A 37-year-old mother of three says her family vacation was ruined after a beautician botched her eyebrows.

Triangle News via The Sun / Angry Birds

Prior to leaving on the trip Colline Rees decided to have her eyebrows tinted and reshaped. Little did she know she’d end up with what her family called “Angry Bird” brows.

As a result of her bad brow job, she felt too embarrassed to participate in any family photos. Plus, she couldn’t go swimming either, since she said wasn’t supposed to get them wet. All in all, her new look certainly put a damper on the holiday she’d spent over $3,500 to book.

“Angry Bird” Brows

Usually, Rees would go to her regular beautician in her hometown of Llanelli, South Wales. Bad timing, however, meant that her regular person was busy – so, a trainee did her brows instead.

Following the initial treatment, Rees claimed the trainee said she needed to add some penciling. That’s when Rees looked in the mirror and realized much of her left brow was gone.

Triangle News via The Sun

As someone who suffered from alopecia, that certainly wasn’t something she wanted to see.

Flopped Fix

The woman who’d done her brows apologized and admitted she’d messed up. However, that left Rees in hysterics, waiting for someone to step in and fix it.

Another beautician attempted to come to the mother’s rescue by using some brow tint – maybe too much brow tint.

Triangle News via The Sun

After all was said and done, Rees ended up looking just like an “Angry Birds” character. Plus, having the dye applied directly to her skin also left her with an allergic reaction, too.

Triangle News via The Sun

It took nine months for her to fully recover from the incident. As a result, she also says she won’t be getting her eyebrows done in a salon ever again.