Woman Accused of Urinated on Produce Sought by Police

Do you recognize this woman captured on surveillance footage from a West Mifflin, Pennsylvania Walmart?

woman wanted after urinating on potatoes at walmart
West Mifflin Police Department / Adobe Stock

The West Mifflin police have released surveillance photos of the woman in an effort to find her, after she allegedly urinated on the potatoes inside of the Walmart.

Walmart Had to Dispose of Produce After Obscene Behavior

A Walmart representative has said that a store employee witnessed the incident. They called her actions “obscene” and “outrageous,” and also went on record to say that they immediately disposed of the products affected in the incident, and sanitized the entire area to “ensure its cleanliness” and protect the safety of their customers.

Walmart contacted the West Mifflin Police Department in an effort to find the woman responsible and have her prosecuted.

The police have said that the incident happened at the Walmart store on Century Drive, but it is unclear when the incident occurred. Investigators are asking anyone who recognizes the woman to contact them.