Democratic Candidate YODELS During Debate – Must Watch!

It’s easy to get passionate during a debate. It shows you care, that the issues matter, and that you want people to take you seriously.

But one Democratic candidate went a little overboard last night when she became so impassioned about her topic that she started… yodeling?

Dailymail via AP democratic candidate yodels during debate feat
Dailymail via AP

Yeah, that’s what it sounds like.

Marianne Williamson

Marianne Williamson is a Democratic candidate from California looking to win the nomination for the 2020 election. She has written 13 books, is the co-founder of the Peace Alliance, and most notably said in the previous Democratic debate that she thought we should defeat President Trump “with love”.

Her yodel came as she was discussing healthcare options, specifically talking about Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren’s plans to completely replace Obamacare, instead of just ‘tweaking’ the program to fit the needs of the people better.

“Normally I’m waaay over there with Bernie and Elizabeth,” She yodeled, gesturing off-screen.

It’s unclear if Williamson has any professional training in yodeling, but if her platform of love and spirituality don’t work out for her this election cycle, she could have a real future with a career in Switzerland.