This Brave Grandma Prevented a Mass Shooting – Here’s How

In what could have been another deadly mass shooting, one man’s grandmother stepped in and prevented it all. The man has been identified as William Patrick Williams, 19, of Lubbock Texas.

grandma stopped mass shooting

Grandmother’s Heroic Actions Saves Many

On July 13th, Williams allegedly confided in his grandmother that he had recently purchased an AK-47 rifle, and was planning to “shoot up” a local hotel and have a cop end his life. That’s when his grandmother stepped in, realizing that Williams was homicidal and didn’t want to live anymore.  This led to her persuading him to visit a hospital instead.

Williams had already rented a room at the hotel and purchased ammunition. Authorities have commended the grandmother’s courageous actions, which have likely saved the lives of many people.

Weapons and Tactical Gear Recovered From Room

Williams later gave officers consent to search a room that he rented at the hotel, where they found an AK-47, seventeen magazines loaded with ammunition and several knives. Also recovered was a black trench coat, black tactical pants, black tactical gloves with the fingers cut off, and a t-shirt that read “Let ‘Em Come.”