Obama’s Heartwrenching Plea to Americans

In the wake of the two tragic mass shootings that have taken the lives of 31, and injured dozens more, the photograph of President Obama drafting a speech in Sandy Hook elementary school on 2012 has gone viral again, painting a picture of a leader struggling to express his grief and pain.

obama calls on americans to reject racist leaders feat

Obama has released another statement Monday, this time calling not just for stronger gun control but for Americans to reject leaders who spew hateful and racist rhetoric, instead asking them to choose the good.

President Trump Wasn’t Specifically Named, But…

The former two-term President released his statement after President Trump spoke on Monday, calling for better mental health care and suggesting that violent video games are the reason that these shooters found violence so acceptable.

While President Trump wasn’t named specifically, anyone who has been following the President’s words or Twitter account recently can tell just who he is speaking of.

In His Statement

Obama asked that Americans “soundly reject” all hateful and racist language that “feeds a climate” of both hatred and fear, going on to say that leaders should not “normalize racism”. He says that it has “no place” in politics or public life, and that is it un-American to suggest that someone who does not look like you or come from where you come from is “sub-human”.

This is rare for President Obama, who has not made it a habit of regularly sharing his opinions on the Trump administration or policies. It seems that after such a heartwrenching weekend of death and American pain, he felt he had no choice but to speak out.

President Donald Trump plans to visit El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio Wednesday to speak with citizens about the shootings that took place on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning.