BREAKING: Never-Trump FBI Agent Peter Strzok Sues, Says ‘Unfairly’ Fired

Last August, veteran counterintelligence FBI agent Peter Strzok was fired from his position at the FBI after a series of texts were revealed to be deeply critical of President Trump and his 2016 campaign.

Yahoo News via AP Peter Strzok sues the FBI feat
Yahoo News via AP

Now, Strzok has filed a lawsuit against the FBI that says he was unfairly targeted by the Bureau and should never have lost his job. Strzok is a common Twitter target of the President, who uses him as a big reason the Mueller report should not be taken seriously.

Online Harassment, Targeting

The FBI released more than 400 of Strzok’s texts to the press, which included negative sentiments towards the Presidental campaign and his personal political affiliations. Strzok’s lawsuit says that this was done to vilify him in the public eye and that he has received serious harassment directly relating to those texts.

He also feels that his privacy was unfairly invaded by releasing those, though all the texts were on FBI-owned cell phones and with other FBI employees at the time. He had been texting FBI lawyer Lisa Page, who he was also having an affair with.

What Strzok Wants

The lawsuit is asking the FBI to reinstate him at his former position, provide him with any and all back pay he missed after being fired, and issue an apology with a statement that the government violated his rights by firing him and sharing the text messages.

The lawsuit names FBI director Chris Wray as well as Attorney General William Barr, and says that the FBI deputy director who was responsible for firing him overruled a recommendation that Strzok be demoted and suspected, and instead directly fired him. Strzok was not given the chance to appeal the decision.