President Donald Trump is having a hard time accepting that former President Obama has received so many likes on Facebook, at least according to the Borowitz Report, via the New Yorker.

It says that Trump is demanding that Facebook investigate why Obama’s status update received so many likes, claiming that the likes had to be “phony” and the popularity of the post is a “rigged hoax.”

Trump Demands Facebook Investigation Obama
IBTimes via Reuters

Trump Knows a Lot of People Who Don’t Like Obama

Trump says that there is absolutely no way they are real because he knows a lot of people and none of them like Obama.

Trump reportedly called the former President’s post as “boring as a book,” and claims that there is no way that over 800,000 people liked a post full of words that they’ve never heard of, like ‘motivations,’ ‘unequivocally,’ or ‘proliferate.’

Social Media is the “Most Important Part of a President’s Job”

He also trashed Obama for being awful at social media, “which is the most important part of a President’s job.”

Trump is demanding that after investigating Obama’s “phony” likes, Facebook removes them and gives them to him instead.