Woman Has Horrific Reaction After Using Hair Dye, Goes Blind

This woman says that she will never dye her hair again after an allergic reaction left her in pain and temporarily blind.

Steph O’Dell, 24, knew that she was allergic to paraphenylenediamine (PPD), which is a common ingredient found in hair dye. Still hoping that she could find a good option to have her hair done in time for her sister’s birthday, she visited a local salon.

woman suffers horrific reaction to hair dye
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Woman Didn’t React to Initial Patch Test

Steph notified the stylist of her allergy, but the stylist assured her that the dye was organic, but it would not touch her scalp. After Steph didn’t react to the patch test that day, she returned two weeks later to have her hair done.

The day after having her hair done, Steph and her sister flew out to Amsterdam to celebrate her sister’s birthday, but something wasn’t right. Steph’s face has started to swell. By the next day, her head had swollen so bad that she was left “blind and terrified.”

Swelling Neck Threatened Her Ability to Breathe

After flying home early to receive urgent treatment at the hospital, nurses were worried about her ability to breathe as her neck continued to swell. Doctors told her it was the worst reaction they had ever seen. It took 5 days of treatment before Steph’s face and neck finally returned to normal and she was able to see again.

Steph now says that she’ll never try dying her hair again, and is warning others to always do a patch test, because “manufacturers can change the ingredients in products at any time.”