Betty White: People Are Getting Really Worried about Her Health

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There have been countless memes about how iconic actress Betty White will outlive us all. However, recently, there’ve been concerns about the condition of her health.

People and Life News

The Golden Girls star turned 97 back in January and is Hollywood’s oldest working actress. She’s also claimed she has no intention of retiring anytime soon, too.

New paparazzi photos paint a different picture though. After the images surfaced of the actress recently, some folks are worried that she might be showing her age.

Is She Okay?

Though she might be looking a little worse for wear in the photos, rarely does the paparazzi flatter anyone. If she was truly in poor health, it doesn’t seem like she’d be out walking around Santa Monica. She had on makeup and jewelry, too, so she was clearly put together.

With all that in mind and no definitive proof that she’s ill, it’s unclear what all the fuss is about.